Navigating Discontent: The Unfiltered Realities of a Social Entrepreneur in Senegal

Breaking Borders, Shaping Futures: A Social Entrepreneur’s Candid Journey in Senegal

Raby Gueye
3 min readJan 17, 2024

How do you motivate young minds to stay and thrive in a country when your own motivation is tested daily by the economic struggles and disparities within your homeland? As the founder of Teach for Senegal, this is the haunting question that reverberates through my work with young people. The disheartening reality is that many of our young talents are opting for illegal migration, seeking greener pastures abroad. Recently, the rising cost of living has labeled Dakar as the most expensive city in Africa, intensifying the challenges we face at Teach For Senegal. The disappointment in the economic landscape and the treatment of our people looms large, challenging not just my commitment but the very essence of what we strive to achieve.

In a world where young people in the West effortlessly jet-set for global exploration, those in Africa, Latin America, and some parts of Asia face the restrictive barriers imposed by their passports. This stark inequality raises poignant questions about the fairness of opportunities for our youth. As a social entrepreneur, the struggle to stay motivated amid these disparities is as raw and authentic as the challenges we seek to address. It’s a journey fraught with doubt, but it’s also one marked by an unwavering commitment to change.

Motivation: A Daily Struggle

Motivating my fellow young Africans to stay and contribute to the transformation of our communities is an uphill battle when the realities of economic stagnation and unequal treatment persist. The very fabric of our society seems frayed, and yet, in the midst of this disillusionment, there’s a relentless desire to be a catalyst for change. The key lies in acknowledging the discontent, embracing it, and channeling it into a force that propels us forward.

Passports as Privilege: The Unseen Barrier

The discrepancy in travel opportunities between young people in the West and those in Africa speaks volumes about the unseen privileges embedded in passport colors. It’s a harsh truth that weighs heavy on our aspirations to empower young minds. While our counterparts explore the world freely, our youth are confined by geopolitical boundaries, limiting their exposure to diverse cultures and global experiences.

Authenticity in Adversity: The Heart of Social Entrepreneurship

To be an authentic social entrepreneur means baring the struggles, doubts, and disappointments. It means acknowledging that the journey to uplift our communities is often clouded by the stark realities we wish to change. But authenticity also means finding strength in vulnerability, turning discontent into a driving force for tangible impact. The path is challenging, but the shared vision of a better future for our people fuels the resilience required to persevere.

Conclusion: Forging Ahead in the Face of Discontent

The road to motivating young people in Africa amidst economic challenges and unequal opportunities is a complex one. Yet, it’s a journey worth taking. As a social entrepreneur, my commitment is unwavering, fueled by the belief that every effort to empower our youth contributes to the metamorphosis of our communities. We may grapple with discontent, but it is within this very struggle that the seeds of change are sown. Let’s continue this journey authentically, raw and conversational, with the hope that our collective efforts will bridge the gaps and foster a brighter future for all.

Ubuntu: I am because we are. Our collective strength, resilience, and determination will forge a future where every African youth can stand tall on the soil that nurtured them, contributing to the growth and prosperity of our continent. — Raby Gueye



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